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A Style for Every Adventure

Each day is full of new surprises, with no two days ever being the same. Your outfit should reflect your mood, your personality, and your lifestyle. With Hemp Momma, each of our styles is as unique as you are and ready for whatever adventure your day may bring.

Amelia Fleece™

Amelia likes nothing more than a cozy stay-at-home day, or when plans include only close friends and family. The fabric offers long-lasting resilience and durability as well as that cozy comfortable feeling of being cuddled up on a rainy day.

  • Qualities: Comfort, resilient, durable

Julz Jersey™

Julz is understated, yet hard to ignore due to the timeless, classic feel. The fabric is a feel good blend that never goes out of style. She’s great at casual get-togethers with friends, relatives or even strangers.

  • Qualities: Stretchable, breathable, durable, easy care, shape retention

Luna Woven™

Luna is always light and breezy, smooth to the touch and makes everyone feel comfortable. The fabric is wonderful for travel due to its durability and versatility. It's made from natural hemp blended with recycled polyester and Lyocell giving it extra durability, ideal for when you're on the go.

  • Qualities: Travel friendly, breathable, moisture absorption, stretch

Celia Jersey™

Celia is always ready for anything. The fabric is light as a feather, it can feel like wearing nothing at all, yet it is incredibly durable. She’s breathable, stays cool under pressure, and loves adventure.

  • Qualities: Ultra-light weight, quick dry, moisture absorption, breathable, travel friendly, durable

Isadora French Terry™

Isadora is very versatile, ready to seamlessly transition from lounging around to work mode in a moment’s notice. The fabric is incredibly comfortable, soft and stretchy and is considered a luxury fabric.

  • Qualities: Versatile, travel friendly, breathable, quick dry, moisture absorption, shape retention

Claudia Interlock™

Claudia is all about high performance, from the gym to the hiking trail and everywhere in between. The fabric feels like a slice of heaven, buttery soft offering great shape retention and support. It’s durable and tough and ideal for extreme use.

  • Qualities: High performance, great compression, shape retention, full support, durable