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Meet The Founders
& How It All Started

Our Story

In 2017, a mere three years ago, MyDailyChoice began its journey as a $10M company. In 2018, MDC grew to $110M and then $170M in 2019, becoming recognized as the fastest-growing company in the direct selling industry. Today, MDC continues down the path of exponential growth and international expansion. See the journey and catch the vision.

Josh Zwagil

Founder & CEO

Leadership, industry and business knowledge and intense dedication are just a few notable attributes of Josh Zwagil. He channels this unique skill set into MyDailyChoice, standing at its helm as a fun, energetic, creative and enthusiastic leader.

Ever embracing his entrepreneurial spirit, Josh began his career as a network marketer fresh out of business school. At the young age of 20, Josh was building teams of more than 60,000 Affiliates worldwide.

Josh is an expert chess player under the United States Chess Federation. His ability to think one move ahead is just one of the many reasons why MyDailyChoice became the No. 1 fastest growing network marketing company in 2018.

Josh has a background in software, merchant processing, internet marketing systems and network marketing. He enjoys playing chess, fishing, traveling and spending time with his family in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jenna Zwagil


Jenna Zwagil holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and has been a successful network marketer and social media influencer for more than 10 years. She is celebrated industry-wide as one of the highest earning female Affiliates.

In 2016, when she wasn't feeling quite like herself, Jenna uncovered a particular CBD oil that made a positive impact. She embarked on a mission to share the oil with the world by founding HempWorx in 2017. Upon inception, HempWorx ignited a CBD movement and contributed to MDC becoming the No. 1 fastest growing company in the industry.

Recently featured in Millionairess Magazine, Jenna continues to make a global impact and knows that even without the money, she would be happy knowing she has helped others.