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Asked Questions

MyDailyChoice is one of the fastest growing Network Marketing companies in the industry. Founded by Josh and Jenna Zwagil, our premium CBD oil and nutritional products are taking the market by storm. We pride ourselves on having the most effective tools, marketing systems, resources, leadership, and support groups so that ANYONE can succeed in our business. And, we offer a dynamic business opportunity powered by a lucrative compensation plan.

Our House of Brands includes HempWorx, high quality CBD oil tinctures, edibles, and skin care products that have received the US Hemp Seal of Approval, Daily Sprays, premium nutritional sprays to promote optimal health, Mantra, therapeutic-grade essential oils, and High Life Travel, an exclusive portal that gives members deep discounts on flights, lodgings, and excursions.
Network marketing is a business model that relies on person-to-person sales by independent representatives, often working from home. Unlike other MLM companies where you have to buy a starter kit and provide an upfront investment, MDC is absolutely free to join. Our Affiliates build their own businesses of customers and other Affiliates, all who share a common goal of an improved life through better wellness. MyDailyChoice is unique in that there is NO upfront cost. Anyone can join, absolutely free.
The corporate office and warehouse are located at 8840 West Russell Road, Suite 245, Las Vegas, NV 89148.
MyDailyChoice offers an exciting business model that allows you to build your business around the world. When sharing MyDailyChoice internationally, it is important to comply with international commerce guidelines, laws, customs, and best practices. Two terms that are related to product sales internationally are “On The Ground” (OTG) and “Not For Resale” (NFR).

On The Ground (OTG) Countries: MyDailyChoice products have been registered, meet all regulations, and shipped through a local warehouse or 3PL shipper. Product selection and pricing in OTG countries may vary slightly. MyDailyChoice is currently in 7 OTG markets.

Not For Resale (NFR) Countries: In countries where MyDailyChoice is not officially registered yet, we offer shipping through a Not For Resale (NFR) program provided it is permitted and legal to do so. A product purchased on an NFR basis is intended for personal consumption and not to be resold after purchase. MyDailyChoice is currently in 60+ NFR markets.

To view all markets, please visit:
We believe in full transparency with our Customers and Affiliates, and we work to create the most effective formulas for your wellness routine. Every product has the full label displayed for easy viewing. Visit one of our brand websites (HempWorx, Mantra Essential Oils, and Daily Sprays), click on a product, and simply view the label in detail.
A number of our products are formulated to be Gluten-Free, Keto, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Non-GMO, no artificial sweeteners or flavorings, no fillers or synthetics, and more. We take pride in providing the highest quality formulas to support your daily wellness routine. Visit our brand websites (HempWorx, Mantra Essential Oils, and Daily Sprays) to learn more about each product’s ingredients.
Yes. We believe in 100% transparency with our Customers and Affiliates. Every batch of product we produce gets sent out for third-party testing and has a Certificate of Analysis (COA). To view our COA’s and Documentation, visit Here.
MyDailyChoice Independent Affiliates can purchase products at a discounted Member Price, earn commissions from our exciting compensation plan by referring others to our products and Business Opportunity, get access to world-class training, and leverage our "Done For You" Marketing System to build their businesses. A Preferred Customer can purchase products at the discounted Member Price and can earn free product by referring others to MDC with a personal referral link. A Retail Customer can purchase products at the standard retail price, but they don’t get access to the same training resources and are not eligible to earn commissions or free product.

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