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Burn Pounds. Ignite Change.

You’ve never experienced a program like this. Melt away pounds and inches, feel amazing, and improve your overall fitness by addressing the 4 Pillars of Total Wellness.

It’s time to stop dieting. It’s time to start living.


Why do diets fail? Because they only address the symptom and never the disease, and in a society where over 70% of the population is seriously overweight, we have a pandemic on our hands.

People waste billions on revolving-door diets designed for failure, because if you fail you need to do it again, and again, and again, spending more money, more time, and more resources on something that will never work.

It’s time to stop the madness. We’re not only here to change your weight, we’re here to change your life. This is how.

Bodymelt 4 Steps to a New You
Bodymelt before and after
Step One

Raid the Cupboards

Get rid of all of your unhealthy food (please donate to a food bank when possible) or create a designated space for your new healthy program. Don’t mix the old stuff with the new. Mentally, you need your own space.

Step Two

Shop Till You Drop

Along with our line of BodyMelt products, we give you a shopping list and a set of recipes you can follow. You’re not going to go hungry while on this program. In fact, you’re about to start eating a lot more than you’re used to.

Step Three

Follow the Program

Once you’re ready to begin, we lay out every day and every step for you, so you’re never in limbo and you always have the confidence you need to truly turn your life around. This includes workout options, all your meals, which supplements to take and when, even support via our online community.

Step Four

30-Day Total Welleness Pack

Accept the 30-Day Challenge and begin seeing results faster than you ever dreamed. Or go all-in and save with the 30-day kit. Imagine, only 30 days to a new look, a new you, a whole new lease on life.

This is weight loss and healthy living made easy. Get everything you need to begin seeing a huge difference in how you look and feel for a fraction of the cost.

Bodymelt - Total Wellness Pack

Bodymelt Total Wellness Pack

You will be amazed by what you can accomplish in only 30 days. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll see incredible results that we are offering the 30 day pack at massive discounts. You get everything you need for a full 30 days for a fraction of the price you would pay for each individual product. You’re going to feel the difference, people are going to see the difference, then they’re going to want to try BodyMelt too.

Here's What You'll Receive
  • Detox products to begin your journey
  • Nourish supplements for a full 30 days
  • Build supplements for a full 30 days
  • Accelerate supplements for a full 30 days
  • Digital Program Guide
  • Access to Community Support
  • Digital Recipe Cards
  • A chance to lose weight & get healthy without going hungry

Inactivity, processed foods, modern eating habits, all of this and more has led to a level of toxin build up the human body was not designed to handle. BodyMelt Detox is changing all that.

Bodymelt Detox

For more details:


Bodymelt Detox

Toxins don’t stand a chance.

If you thought a detox couldn’t be effective, gentle, and safe all at the same time, you’ve never detoxed the way nature intended. Our quality, natural ingredients and proven formula breaks through years, even decades of built-up toxins, eliminating them from your system so your body is prepared to absorb healthy nutrients. It’s one of many reasons so many diets fail, you can’t rebuild a healthy system until you eliminate what’s making you unhealthy. Toxins are a huge part of that.


Most diets leave your body starving for the meaningful nourishment needed to support internal systems and overall wellness. BodyMelt is here to fuel your transformation.

Bodymelt Micro Bio

For more details:


Bodymelt Micro Bio

Give wellness a gut check.

This incredible supplement contains 100 BILLION CFU/g of the life-changing Bacillus coagulans probiotic along with a natural blend of herbs and other ultra-healthy gut-boosters. Taken daily, it works to build up the healthy gut bacteria essential for weight management, digestive health and more.

Bodymelt Superfood Greens

For more details:


Bodymelt Superfood Greens

Fuel for a better life.

You’ve never experienced nutrition like this. BodyMelt Superfood Greens are a whole-food blend of nutrient-dense fibers, digestive enzymes and antioxidants formulated to nourish and energize the body at the same time. It’s designed to work with the entire BodyMelt line of products to ensure you’re getting all the fuel you need to manage weight, increase energy levels, support cognitive function, and live your best life.


Are you ready to become a lean, mean, calorie-burning machine? The Build Pillar of our unique wellness system is the fastest & easiest way to accomplish your goals.

Bodymelt Protein Shake

For more details:


Bodymelt Protein Shake

Build muscle, build confidence.

In conjunction with our simple workout program, our BodyMelt Protein Shakes deliver the high-impact easily-absorbed pure plant protein you need to begin seeing a difference fast. Each serving is stacked with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and 20 grams of protein. Use it as directed within the program to satisfy your hunger while supplying your body all the nutrients it needs to power through anything.


Ever wonder why so many diets leave you where you started only a couple weeks later? Maybe they didn’t accelerate change. Send your metabolism, and your transformation, into overdrive.

Bodymelt Burn

For more details:


Bodymelt Burn

Once a day for all day results.

Rich in chlorogenic acids, antioxidants, and enzymes to support energy production, BodyMelt Burn is designed for natural, herbal-based all-day energy. Taken once a day, it’s formulated to give your metabolism the kick it needs to become a calorie and fat-burning machine.

Bodymelt Energy Drink

For more details:


Bodymelt Energy Drink

Kick brutal crashes & unhealthy drinks to the curb

Perfect for pre-workout or post-workout, BodyMelt Energy Drink is a blend of herbal extracts, green tea caffeine, creatine, and L-theanine to promote sustained natural energy throughout the day without the jitters and negative side effects of the artificial energy products you’re probably used to. Break free from the crash-and-burn cycle, and switch to an energy drink that supports healthy energy levels, metabolism, and cognitive function.

NEVER DO IT ALONE Take advantage of incredible resources and community support.